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August 2008



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Aug. 9th, 2008

New House

Well we've been in the new house for slightly over a week now.  We just got cable and internet yesterday (thank god), so I've been out of touch with the real world.  There's already some tension regarding the fact that I feel like I'm the only one making any effort (or spending money!) to make this place feel like home.  Our roommate keeps making snide comments about there being boxes everywhere, while completely overlooking the fact that since we moved in last Thursday, I have:

moved around, slip covered, and propped up the ghetto couch
assembled our coffee table (which was a BITCH)
bought and hung curtains
set up bookshelves, and unpacked all of our books
pretty much completely unpacked the kitchen
put together a bed
bought throw pillows which match the curtains
unpacked boxes gallore

Well, you get the idea.  The list goes on.  Basically anything that has been done, was done by me, with some help from Sean.  All of this while we both worked everyday.  Whatever.  Done whining.  But then again, if you can't whine in LJ, where can you?

But this gist of all of this is that it is starting to feel a little more like home.  I know it will take awhile to develop the same emotional attachment to this house as I did to the apartment, but I'm getting there.  I need to do more in our bedroom to make it nice, right now its still a little bland.  Unfortunately, there were some money complications, and I don't have $700 that I thought I was going to have to spend on the house.  I will soon, but I don't have it yet.  At least I've been working a lot, which helps.  But I have to buy gas and groceries, and those things alone will probably use a big chunk of what I earned this week.  I interviewed for a new nanny job, we'll see if that pans out.  If not, I need to find something else, because I simply can't spend all my time worrying about money.  I don't want to be panicking every month that I won't be able to pay my rent.  I'll figure things out.

Sigh.  Welcome to the real world.  Fucking-a it sucks.

Jul. 30th, 2008


The good:

I move out of the Grove tomorrow.  The new house is great.  I'm ready to move. The new kitchen has a bigger fridge. 

The bad: 

We're still not entirely packed.  The truck is nearly full.  I have itch eyes from all the cleaning and dust.  I'm not ready to move.  There are more boxes that I ever thought imaginable.  I am fairly certain my apartment has yielded more boxes that when we moved my whole damn house.  I hate moving, and never want to do it again.  I'm broke from moving. 

I am taking solace in the fact that the Grove kitchen is clean, and I have until 530 tomorrow.  Plus all the furniture, minus the two dressers, two tv stands, and a table are in the truck.  Alright, so the MASSIVE furniture is in the truck.  Except the recliner.  Heh.  Dear god.  I should have gotten the truck two days early.  Oh well.  I'm cheap.  We're poor.

Jun. 14th, 2008

Deja Vu

So once again I have consumed too much coffee on an empty stomach, which has culminated in an all day long Sex and the City Marathon, which in turn has lead to some not so good things.  Like WAY too much introspection.  And the strong desire for a dirty martini.

I am thinking about ditching this thing.  I went through and read all my old entries, and theres not a whole lot of substance.  Not that there needs to be, but still.  Maybe its time for a fresh start.  I'm starting to worry that I hold onto the past too much.  Jesus, like I said, too much introspective bullshit.

Jun. 8th, 2008

The heat must be going to my head...

Yesterday, I had the most stereotypical house-wifey day ever.  To the point that I almost put myself out of my misery.  Here's the list of what I accomplished:
- about 4 loads of laundry
- folding said laundry, including folding my bf's underwear, and matching up all of our socks
- organizing my sock drawer
- vacuumed
- cleaned and organized my bathroom.

And in my spare time, I knit.  Sean came home from work to me in a headband and sweatpants, vacuuming our bedroom.  I couldn't figure out if he wanted to laugh hysterically at the idea of me cleaning dressed like a fucking WASP, or cry at sheer joy because we have finally cleaned.  I think it was a combination of the two.

I have a super dee duper long work week ahead of me, but then the next week we're going to Atlanta, which should be fun.  I need to buy the AtlantaPass thingy's, since we're going to be tourists, go to the aquarium with the nieces, maybe the zoo, museums and such.  I might go see the Sex and the City movie with his sister, and there is possibly going to be a party, at least nominally in honor of us visiting and my birthday.  And if theres not, I'm making him take me out for dinner.

Jun. 3rd, 2008


Okay, so normally I view this durn thing as a form of venting. I don't really write it for anyone else, I don't.  I look at it as a way to get things down in a form which has some semblance of permanence to it.  But there are times when I wish people read what I was writing.  Like right now, because I have a pressing problem which requires advice.

I have run out of books.

Now, anyone who has seen my bookshelves would immediately call bullshit, but its true.  I have read nearly all my books.  The ones I haven't are a little dense for my summer purposes (like the nearly 1000 page biography of Anne Boleyn).  What I want is something fun and lighthearted, with a good story.  I want it to be well written, but nothing worthy of deep personal reflection or anything.  Just something to take to the pool and to work.  I need to go get a library card, but the Buncombe county library has some asinine rules about proving residency to get one, which I don't think I have.  My drivers license has yet to be changed to an Asheville address (didn't see the point), and I am stalling until we find a house.  It's not that I mind spending money on books, they're just expensive!  $25.00 for a paperback which I might or might not like seems a little extravagant to me, especially now that I am in the ranks of a poor college grad with an uncertain job future. 

But long story short, I need book titles.

Jun. 2nd, 2008

I'm baaa-aack

Been back in Asheville for about a week now.  Came home to a messier apartment than I was expecting, but it was a hellhole, so whatever.  The boy tried, and did awesome.  Being back at work is nice, if for nothing else than to be back in a routine. 

House hunting is getting a little frustrating.  We need to get the balls to do something, and we haven't found them yet.  Hopefully we'll find a place soon.  We've sort of vaguely started packing, in that we have some furniture stashed, and I have a box with approximately 3 things in it.  But we do have some time.  Only 2 months, sheesh.  And I know thats going to go by faster than I want it too.

I'm enjoying it being summer though.  Work isn't too crazy right now, the kids are still in school through this week, so no early mornings (thank god).  Next week is a week of 9-5, but the next week I don't work at all, and we're going down to Atlanta for my birthday.  Should be fun.  I think we're just both hoping that the events of the Christmas trip don't repeat themselves.

May. 24th, 2008

Oh families

In Charleston with the family.  The drive down was....entertaining.  And by that I mean slightly harrowing, between the pounding rain, mom not telling me where to turns were until too late, and my brothers as yet to be fully developed driving skills.  Yikes.  Now the boy genius is yelling about the condos lack of metal utensils and 'coal prodding implements'.  Sheesh.  As much as I love my family, I am starting to not be able to spend significant amounts of time with them without getting murderous urges eventually.  And those urges are starting in 5...4...3...2...1. 

Its been nice to have these two weeks off, but I am certainly ready to be back in Asheville.  Back in familiar territory, in my own bed, etc.  And being back with the boy will be nice too.   It will be sad to say goodbye to thems that are leaving, but they'll be back soon, cause before I know it, it'll be my birthday!

May. 4th, 2008

(no subject)


In less than a week, I will be a UNCA alum.  It went by so fast, I don't know how I feel about it.

I'm trying to convince myself that change is good, and that change in itself is not bad.

Apr. 19th, 2008

Shopping is bad for me...

Went to the mall.  Bought...

and and .

I should not go to malls.  I also bought a graduation dress, but I want that to be a surprise, so thats not going up here, muahahaha.  I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted to on my paper today, but I did get a lot done, so I supposed I can't complain too much.  I'm done with everything except exams Monday.  Crazyness.  But I am slowly getting excited.  I think its going to be nice.  But yeah.

Apr. 6th, 2008

It's the final countdown...

23 days until the end of my undergraduate career
A little less than 4 months until I move into an as yet to be determined new residence

It's a lot of change, which I never deal with well.  New roomates, new place to live, most likely new jobs.  Eeek.

I have 5 papers, 1 presentation, and 2 or 3 finals left to do.  Two papers and a test tomorrow.  One paper is done, and after an mini breakdown about the other last night, I decided that it is simply not worth freaking out about, and will do it later.

Trying to find a job is being difficult.  I would like to keep my current jobs, but I don't know if it can happen.  I have to find something else no matter what.  I have a couple of prospects/ideas, we'll see how they pan out.  It would be nice to get something which pays enough to not have to worry about money.  But I'm not counting on it. 

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